A new stimulus is given to the housewife who spends mediocre every day …. This time I applied for the 29-year-old “Kyoko Hashimoto” living in Meguro-ku. In the third year of marriage, she was not satisfied with the unusual sex with her husband, spent a cramped day without running unfaithfully. If a nipple is relentlessly licked by a man’s nostalgic tongue, a funny smile is raised and the voice rises. It is M Men blame words that can not be tasted in everyday, and lascivious words are lined up and gladly fascinated with a meat stick and fascinate an obscene expression unprecedented. The feeling of the twisted cock rounds her whole body and invites him to the culmination. I abandoned the shame and drowned in pleasure, I will release the desire I have accumulated …. 平凡な毎日を過ごす専業主婦たちに新たな刺激を…。今回応募してきたのは目黒区在住の29歳『橋本 京子』さん。結婚3年目の彼女は旦那とのありきたりなセックスに満足出来ず、不貞に走ることもなく悶々とした日々を過ごしていた。男のねっとりとした舌遣いで乳首を執拗に舐め回されれば、妖艶な笑みを浮かべ嬌声を上げる。日常では味わえないM男責めで淫らな言葉を並べ、嬉しそうに肉棒を咥えながら今までにない卑猥な表情を魅せる。捻じ込まれた肉棒の感触が彼女の全身を駆け巡り絶頂へと誘う。恥じらいを捨てて快楽に溺れ、溜め込んできた欲望を解放していく…。

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Model : Kyouko Hashimoto