Since I was a student, my relationship with NTT and Mr. Makoto who cultivates pure love, the NTR of the cruelty that attacks one after another. A body that reacts to the other side while being fucked by other sticks … But, love is not lost, but while you are being played with your body, you clutched his hands strongly! While being shamed by shame, the NTR story inevitable in a tragic figure that passes through love for the boyfriend, here is a bomb!学生の頃から付き合い、純愛を育む真琴と彼氏に、次々と襲いかかる被虐のNTR。他人棒に犯されながら、心とは裏腹に反応してしまう身体…しかし、愛情は失われることなく、身体を弄ばれている最中、彼の手を強く握り締めるのだった! 恥辱にまみれながらも、彼氏への愛を貫く悲壮な姿に鬱勃起必至のNTR物語、ここに爆誕!

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Model : Makoto Toda