10000 books of absolute beauty, Honjo Rin. A lot of people got pushed back on the back … One month after her debut … her still shooting experience still has her sexual desire hidden in front of the camera to fly as a professional AV actress. A spermatic love that overflows from an elegant omen who is the 4th performance that draws out the way you are. While experiencing cums many times, my body and mind will be naked. 10000本の絶世美女、本庄鈴。たくさんの方々に背中を押してもらえたデビューから1ヶ月…まだまだ撮影経験の浅い彼女が、プロのAV女優として羽ばたくためにカメラの前で秘めた性欲をさらけ出す。ありのままの姿を引き出す4本番で上品なオマ○コから溢れ出すスケベな愛液…。何度も絶頂を体感しながら身も心も丸裸になる。

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Model : Suzu Honjou