Moye who said that she is interested in shaved pants in the last interview, then she will continue to stretch her hair until she reached the age of 15 for her to clean up! ! Completely recorded shaving scenes! Made with shaved peppers, sensitivity gets better and usoco gets wet more than usual! Plug in and out! Attention is drawn to her figure that the degree of excitement has increased so much that it feels even bare! !前回の監督面接でパイパンに興味があると言い出したもえちゃん、それじゃ綺麗にしてあげようと言うことで15歳から伸ばし続けた陰毛を人生初のパイパンに!!剃毛シーンも完全収録!パイパンにしたもえちゃん、感度がアップしていつもよりアソコは濡れ濡れ!抜き差しバッチリ!素股ですら感じてしまう程、興奮度が上がった彼女の姿に要注目!!

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Model : Arihana Moe