“If you believed in your wife’s words …” The husband who suspected cheating played molested AV. There is an aphrodisiac painted near himself in the bus, and the figure of a wife disoriented in Love Ho! Fierce regret swaying into a sight that doubts his eyes. Knowing what I had misunderstood and rush home soon … but during that time a molesting guy at home! A wife who refuses only Iki for her dear husband. But finally I’m pleading for a victory with “Squid!” 「妻の言葉を信じていたら…」浮気を疑っていた夫が痴漢AVを再生。そこにはバス車内の自分の近くで媚薬を塗られ、ラブホでイキ乱れる妻の姿が! 目を疑うような光景に押し寄せる猛烈な後悔。誤解していたことを知り帰宅を急ぐが…その間も自宅には痴漢男が! 愛する夫の為に中イキだけは拒む妻。しかし遂には「イカせて!」と背徳の懇願をしだし…。

tag JAV, NHDTB-107, Hoshina Ai, Beautiful Girl, Blowjob, Japanese, Cowgirl, Cumshot, Doggy Style, Handjob, Married Woman, Molester, Wife

Model : Hoshina Ai