[CESD-620] Crack Was Reverend Revenge 2 Otsuki Hibiki Hatano Yui

This work “crack showdown revenge 2” will be the third cumulative series. Two people who dislodge each other and scatter sparks from the beginning. Otatsuki ejaculates with Mr. Otsuki with a licking handjob, but Hatano is anal fisting anal actin aggression with Bondage costumes! When Otsuki showed a splendid squirting mantisri and won the dildo confrontation, the ensuing kissing confrontation was dispatched to Hatano. It does not give one step to each other, and it is lascivious by the rich SEX match over the curtain, and it shows nastyness. In the 4P showdown, everyone is entangled and cumsome finish with W facial cum shot! 本作「ひびはた対決リベンジ2」は累計シリーズ3作目となる。冒頭から互いをディスり火花を散らす二人。ボンテージ衣装でのM男責めは大槻が淫語手コキで射精させるも波多野がアナルほじって男優悶絶!ディルド対決は大槻が見事な潮吹きマンズリを見せて勝利すると、続くキス当て対決は波多野に軍配。互いに一歩も譲らず、カーテン越しの濃厚SEX勝負で淫らさ見せつけ、4P対決では全員が絡み合いW顔射で絶頂フィニッシュ!

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Model : Hatano Yui, Ootsuki Hibiki