When I was in school, I had a boyfriend who was in a relationship for three years, but I have never sexed in raw. I was interested but I was afraid of pregnancy, I could not take the first step. With that kind of guy ● With a school graduation, I broke up at the same time, I could not do it because I was unable to do … At that time, a small girl with a height of 145 cm who decided to appear AV as he wanted to do a live cum shot. Sensitive reaction when raw decagin is inserted into small vagina! Debut with determination of vaginal cum shot! !●校の時、3年間付き合っていた彼氏がいたんですが、まだ生でSEXしたことはありません。興味はあったんだけど、妊娠するのが怖くて、一歩踏み出せずにいました。そんな彼とは●校卒業と同時に別れてしまい、ナマでできなかったことが心残りで…あの時、できなかった生中出しをしたくてAVを出演決めた身長145cmのちっちゃな女の子。小さな膣に生デカチンを挿入されると敏感反応!決意の中出しデビュー!!

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Model : Rin Hoshizaki