Madonna 15th Anniversary Memorial 1st bullet! ! Large exclusive W first co-star! ! »Because I am in commemoration of the 15th year, I was strongly invited to my best friends and joined the alumni association. When I had a conversation with a friend I met for the first time in a long time, there were two pretty beautiful women who I did not recognize. The two of them were the two idiots who I was afraid of all the time. There is no image of those days, it is incredibly beautiful and graceful. However, as sake goes up, the two have changed completely, and they began returning to the old boy.≪マドンナ15周年記念大作 第1弾!!大型専属W初共演!!≫記念すべき15年目だからだと親友に強く誘われて同窓会に参加する事になった僕。久しぶりに会う友人と会話を弾ませていたら、見覚えのない一際綺麗な女性が二人いたのだ。その二人は、僕がずっと恐れていたイジメっ子二人だった。当時の面影はなく、信じられないほど綺麗でおしとやかだ。しかし、酒が進むにつれて二人は一変、昔のイジメっ子に戻り始めて…。

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Model : Kana Mito, Ayane Haruka