Cast: Reina Hanajima Director: Manhattan Kimura Series: 1VS1 Maker Prestige Label: ABSOLUTELY PERFECT Genre: Restraint SM Single piece Blowjob Facial Cumshot Deep Throating Sample Movie Product number: 118abp784 Prestige exclusive actress “Hanajima Reina” is fascinated with one-on-one gachinko sex which goes out of control with instinct bare! Four chosen men bump their minds and bodies, giving the best pleasure! The space of the two draws out a decorative face, and the ferocious piston awakens the sleeping instinct. Bondage opens the door of unknown pleasure and carves the culm of the past climax into it. Enjoy sex in a natural way without decorating, drown in pleasure. In a world where both autonomous and others are recognized as ‘ranking,’ Kaoru Hanajima achieves further leap. Directed · No script at all! Simple and ultimate sex is here

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Model : Kashima Reina, Kimikawa Yui